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West High Band

Marching Blue Knights

West Marching Blue Knights
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Hello There! Welcome to the WEST HIGH BAND Community here on LJ. Not to be all "I am the administrator" or anything, but these are the rules. Stick to 'em.

1) Band Stuff only, rants, raves, comments, questions, concerns, etc. are all OK. Person v. Person Issues (ex. "That flute player Stacey is such a moron!") NOT Ok.. Especially things that aren't true (like the above example).

2) I'm sure neither of our Directors nor our other instructors have LiveJournals, but there shall be no Director/Instructor Bashing. Sorry. (If you violate this rule I dont really care, you're just on your own if they come poking around here...)

3) Even if you or a friend doesn't have a livejournal, feel free to leave comments and whatnot! Just sign them. Anonymous Comments will not be allowed.

4) You must love band, but that's a given :)

That should be it. Have fun!